Destination Wedding Tarifa - Summer wedding El Cañuelo

Destination Wedding Tarifa, El Cañuelo

Kelly & Andi

Kelly & Andi decided to invite their friends & family to Tarifa, Spain for a special wedding day. I have no words for this adventure with beloved people and new friends.
Can you imagine the special mood on the morning of a wedding? Crinkly, tense, exciting, full of laughter and always a little hectic… I just love it. Girls drinking Champagne, doing their styling, chatting with the bride who’s enjoying getting ready.

Walking to the church through the touristic center of tarifa with a bunch of loud and dancing girls, was just a blast! And you can see the look of love from Kelly’s Dad as he saw his daughter in her beautiful dress. Heartwarming.

After the fun and emotional ceremony the crowd got shuttled to one of the most amazing and impressive wedding locations I’ve ever seen. El Cañuelo lies right in between the hills next to the sea, surrounded by rough rocks this beautiful oasis got me speachless.

The wedding party enjoyed fantastic food and a lovely evening with emotional speeches and a almost dirty dancing like first dance. No need to tell you that this fantastic crowd danced until 5am in the morning….

What a blast and I’m so grateful I was part of it.
Kelly & Andi - thank you SO much guys! You’re rockstars!

Anija Schlichenmaier